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[S25-RON] - 2022

Leomord ML - Season 25 Rise of Necrokeep - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

On this page you will find answers to common questions like, What is the best build for Leomord? Who could counter this hero? What are the best possible combo? And best in game hero teammates for Leomord?

Date Updated: Sep 28, 2022 5:51 PM

Best Leomord Builds

Depending on your role or lane opponent, you can use a different Leomord build.

1: Leomord build for Best Build

1: Warrior Boots 2: Bloodlust Axe 3: Hunter Strike 4: Haas Claws 5: Berserker's Fury 6: Brute Force Breastplate

2: Leomord build for Solid Sustain

1: Tough Boots 2: Antique Cuirass 3: Brute Force Breastplate 4: Radiant Armor 5: Guardian Helmet 6: Athena's Shield

3: Leomord build for Traditional Build

1: Warrior Boots 2: Bloodlust Axe 3: War Axe 4: Endless Battle 5: Blade of Despair 6: Immortality

Leomord can be countered by these items.

1: Dominance Ice 2: Sea Halberd 3: Necklace of Durance

image of mlbb hero Leomord Top Global Badge


Hero Grade:
Scaling Power: normal
Mechanical Skill: hard
Early Game Power Middle Game Power Late Game Power

Mythical Glory Badge
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate

Quick Note: He excels in team battles. Nowadays, ranking matchups hardly ever feature a strong Leomord player. Leomord may be a nightmare for your squad when facing a skilled Leomord player on an opposition team, despite the fact that he can carry the game if well-farmed.

Last Update: 09-28-22 05:51 PM

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Leomord Skill Combo

Attack Mode Full Skill Combo (5 Skill Combo)

Skill 1

Momentum Skill icon




Skill 2

Decimation Assault Skill icon

Decimation Assault



Skill 3

Phantom Steed Skill icon

Phantom Steed



Skill 4

Phantom Stomp Skill icon

Phantom Stomp



Skill 5

Phantom Charge Skill icon

Phantom Charge



Leomord Skills

The Oath Keeper Skill icon The Oath Keeper


Leomord's Basic Attacks are guaranteed to critically strike against enemies below 35% Max HP, dealing 200% damage.

Leomord Enhanced Skills

Phantom Stomp Skill icon Phantom Stomp


Cooldown: 5

Barbiel leaps forward, dealing 325( +120% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemy units in the area where he lands and slowing them by 40% for 1s.
Cooldown 5.0 4.8 4.5 4.2 4.0 3.8
Base Damage 325 380 435 490 545 600


Depending on your playstyle, Leomord can utilize these spells. 1: Sprint 2: Flicker 3: Execute

Strong against

Leomord have skill and lane adavatages over these heroes. 1: Bane 2: Terizla 3: Aldous

Toughest Matchups

Leomord can be countered or might have difficulty against these heroes. 1: Thamuz 2: Martis 3: Chou 4: Argus 5: Jawhead

Best Teammates

Leomord can perform better with these hero teammates. 1: Julian 2: Silvanna 3: Tigreal 4: Leomord

Pros & Cons

Leomord Advantages when learning and using in the game.

  1. Decent aoe.
  2. Decent damage
  3. Has escape and chasing mechanism.

Leomord Disadvatages during the game.

  1. Weak against Crowd Controll
  2. weak against a hero with high mobility

Story of Leomord

On a day much unlike today, Tigreal and his Expeditionary Forces of Light charged into the Fortress of Despair, in Necrokeep, with all their might, and swiftly decimated many of the undead lurking within. After this devastating defeat, Vexana realized that she needed to find a formidable ally, who could take on the Warrior of Light head-on, or else she would face certain defeat. Vexana paced back and forth as she carefully pondered over, wondering who had the strength to defeat Tigreal. Suddenly, a vivid image of a face from long ago seared across her mind- Leomord .

A long time ago, the Fortress of Despair was actually the center of a beautiful and rich kingdom. Leomord and his Royal Knights had vowed an oath to protect their King and the Queen, who was in fact Vexana. Any invader who dared to attack the kingdom could not avoid the fate of death from Leomord 's sword, The Oath Keeper. However, one day the Queen became corrupted by the Abyss and the kingdom came to a grave ruin. That was the day Vexana had transformed all of the kingdom's creatures into the undead. Leomord fell into great despair. Even if he could single-handedly eliminate all evil from the kingdom, he could not raise his sword against the woman who was once his queen. He could not bear to watch the kingdom he loved and swore to protect, fall into ruin. After having lost all hope, Leomord took his own life out of sorrow and desperation.

Leomord 's strength and resolve burned so brightly in life, that Vexana could not control him as a spirit. However, since the Fortress of Despair was met with great danger, she had no choice but to awaken him. When he rose from the dead, Leomord felt that his soul was filled with torturous amounts of pain and despair. Whispering sweetly into his ear, Vexana told Leomord that the undead that stood before him were, the once beloved people, he had swore to protect. She warned that, if he did not protect Necrokeep, then all of these innocent souls would suffer eternal damnation.

Leomord' was outraged, but he had no choice. He would rather be a slave to Vexana's sorcery than watch his compatriots suffer another day. Leomord summoned his beloved horse, Barbiel, and his famed sword, The Oath Keeper.

Just as the Expeditionary Forces of Light stormed the horrific Fortress of Despair, Leomord and Barbiel struck the invaders with black lightning. Much of the Expeditionary Forces of Light were decimated. No one could withstand Leomord 's sword, or so they thought. Tigreal stood there in defiance with his Sword of Dawn, drawn against Leomord . As their swords clashed, Tigreal could feel Leomord 's grief and despair coming from his sword. On that day, Tigreal knew he had met one of the strongest opponents he would ever face.

The battle lasted much longer than expected. Both armies suffered numerous amounts of loss and were still battling. As Tigreal, stiffly fought Leomord , he realised that there would be no end for this battle, and that both armies would keep battling until one of them was entirely wiped out. Most of all, Tigreal feared that if one of them was to be defeated, it would most probably be the Imperial Army.

And Leomord for once, was Tigreal's match. Even as the two continued their fierce combat, they couldn't beat the other. Tigreal felt Leomord was equally strong, if not, even stronger. Having been exhausted after hours of fighting, he summoned all his might, and struck his sword on Leomord , hoping to get a kill shot. But, Leomord blocked his assault, yet being thrown aback. Tigreal looked around and noticed the eternal bloodshed. He was grieved to see his men being mercilessly hacked down. He realised he was down to just one option- Marching back, he ordered, what was left of his army, to retreat, hoping that the undead soldiers wouldn't lunge forward for yet another assault, on his retreating army.

As Tigreal and the other warriors backed down, Leomord shared a brief look with Tigreal, as he stopped the undead soldiers from lunging forward for even further bloodshed. Even though Leomord knew, that with one more offensive move, he could beat Tigreal and the rest of the Imperial army, he believed that it wouldn't be the wise choice. Since, it would not only result in great rivalry between Necrokeep and the entire Moniyan Empire, but also because he could see himself in Tigreal. After all, he too was leading an army, the Imperial Knight army, just like Leomord once lead the great and lively armies of Necrokeep.

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