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[S25-RON] - 2022

Aldous ML - Season 25 Rise of Necrokeep - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

On this page you will find answers to common questions like, What is the best build for Aldous ? Who could counter this hero? What are the best possible combo? And best in game hero teammates for Aldous ?

Date Updated: Sep 28, 2022 5:51 PM

Best Aldous Builds

Depending on your role or lane opponent, you can use a different Aldous build.

1: Aldous build for use this to scale hero power.

1: Tough Boots 2: Blade of the Heptaseas 3: Blade of Despair 4: Malefic Roar 5: Athena's Shield 6: Immortality

2: Aldous build for Hybrid Armor Pen and High Physical and Magic Defense

1: Warrior Boots 2: Malefic Roar 3: Thunder Belt 4: Brute Force Breastplate 5: Athena's Shield 6: Radiant Armor

3: Aldous build for Pro Build

1: Tough Boots 2: Brute Force Breastplate 3: Thunder Belt 4: Dominance Ice 5: Athena's Shield 6: Immortality

Aldous can be countered by these items.

1: Twilight Armor 2: Antique Cuirass 3: Queen's Wings 4: Wind of Nature 5: Winter Truncheon

image of mlbb hero Aldous	Top Global Badge


Hero Grade:
Scaling Power: late
Mechanical Skill: easy
Early Game Power Middle Game Power Late Game Power

Mythical Glory Badge
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate

Quick Note: In the early game, Aldous Himself is a pretty weak warrior hero. He can only concentrate on laning and fending off enemy turret attacks. It will be challenging for Aldous to grow later if his play in the early game is subpar.

Last Update: 09-28-22 05:51 PM

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Aldous Skill Combo

Target Lock - Skill Combo (3 Skill Combo)

Skill 3

Contract: Chase Fate Skill icon

Contract: Chase Fate



Skill 1

Contract: Soul Steal Skill icon

Contract: Soul Steal



Skill 2

Contract: Explosion Skill icon

Contract: Explosion



Aldous Skills

Contract: Transform Skill icon Contract: Transform


After every 2 attacks, Aldous gains a 500 (+3 * (Soul Steal) stack count) shield for 3s on his next Basic Attack. This effect can only be triggered once every 5s.


Depending on your playstyle, Aldous can utilize these spells. 1: Retribution 2: Flicker 3: Sprint

Strong against

Aldous have skill and lane adavatages over these heroes. 1: Natalia 2: Fanny 3: Layla 4: Pharsa 5: Gord

Toughest Matchups

Aldous can be countered or might have difficulty against these heroes. 1: Zhask 2: Alice 3: Uranus 4: Lunox 5: Grock

Best Teammates

Aldous can perform better with these hero teammates. 1: Angela 2: Rafaela 3: Floryn 4: Mathilda

Pros & Cons

Aldous Advantages when learning and using in the game.

  1. A hard-hitting hero.
  2. You can build him defensive items and you’ll just rely your damage on his passive stacks.

Aldous Disadvatages during the game.

  1. Squishy when crowd-controlled.
  2. Enemies can just harass you to delay your stacks.
  3. Bad at early game(low damage).

Story of Aldous

Guardian of the Minoan Maze”

A guard of the Minos Labyrinth, who kept his pledge even after the kingdoms fall. He has blocked off intruders who covered the kingdoms heritage for a century with an unusually huge arm.


Legends from the Land of Dawn say that the Western Desert's Minoan Kingdom possesses a mysterious labyrinth. In the maze is a statue of giant minotaur, which the people consider to be the mecca of the Minoan Kingdom. Some say that there is a group of mercenaries who guard the entire maze. The Kingdom produced a lot of precious jade, which brought the Minoan people great wealth. Very quickly, the entire kingdom was lost in the intoxicating allure of gems. Even many mercenaries, tasked with guarding the sacred maze become corrupted, abandoning their duty. Only one stayed―Aldous, who had never forgotten his duty and guard the Minoan Labyrinth.

Until one day, a god came from the heavens to punish these lands. The powers of light and dark decimated the entire Minoan Kingdom, which even Aldous could not escape. The two streams dark and light energy surged into his body. Aldous thought he was about to die. However, the two streams of energy collided, causing great changes to his body. His skin grew long-black scales that could resist most attacks and monstrously large arms that could easily strike fear into people's hearts.

When Aldous awoke from his daze, he found his people's kingdom all gone and the mysterious maze was now sealed by some unknown force. The remaining minotaurs decided that Aldous would stay to defend the maze, while the others travel across the Land of Dawn to find answers. News of a mysterious force sealing the Minoan Maze spread quickly to the Abyssal Kingdom. To gather this strange energy, Selena decided to bring her Abyssal Demons with her to the entrance of the Minoan Maze―A huge battle was about to begin.

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