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[S25-RON] - 2022

X.Borg ML - Season 25 Rise of Necrokeep - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

On this page you will find answers to common questions like, What is the best build for X.Borg? Who could counter this hero? What are the best possible combo? And best in game hero teammates for X.Borg?

Date Updated: Aug 07, 2022 3:02 AM

image of mlbb hero X.Borg


Hero Grade:
Scaling Power: normal
Mechanical Skill: medium
Early Game Power Middle Game Power Late Game Power
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate

Quick Note: Borg is a very promising hero in Mobile Legends thanks to its outstanding potential in team fights or solo lanes. You may perform X. either as an offlaner or sidelaner, borg. You may simply strike your opponent with a flaming tornado that can fly to your opponent, especially when your opponent is gathered.

Last Update: 08-07-22 03:02 AM

Best X.Borg Builds

Depending on your role or lane opponent, you can use a different X.Borg build.

1: X.Borg build for Best Build

1: Warrior Boots 2: Bloodlust Axe 3: Immortality 4: War Axe 5: Ice Queen Wand 6: Dominance Ice

2: X.Borg build for Magic and Physical Def with Decent DPS

1: Tough Boots 2: War Axe 3: Immortality 4: Hunter Strike 5: Antique Cuirass 6: Radiant Armor

3: X.Borg build for Sustain DPS

1: Tough Boots 2: Immortality 3: Bloodlust Axe 4: War Axe 5: Athena's Shield 6: Oracle

Item Weakness

X.Borg can be countered by these items.

1: Demon Hunter Sword 2: Winter Truncheon 3: Wind of Nature


Depending on your playstyle, X.Borg can utilize these spells. 1: Flicker 2: Flameshot

Strong against

X.Borg have skill and lane adavatages over these heroes. 1: Lylia 2: Granger 3: Khufra 4: Kimmy 5: Lesley

Toughest Matchups

X.Borg can be countered or might have difficulty against these heroes. 1: Lunox 2: Akai 3: Esmeralda 4: Gusion 5: Claude

Best Teammates

X.Borg can perform better with these hero teammates. 1: Atlas 2: Tigreal 3: Khufra

X.Borg Skills

Firaga Armor Skill icon Firaga Armor


X.Borg's Firaga Armor inherits 120% of his Max HP and takes all damage for X.Borg while it's active. When the Armor is consumed, X.Borg will disengage from the Armor and roll to the direction chose by your Joystick, he takes no damage in the process. The energy of his Armor is gradually regenerated while X.Borg is in the Armorless State. When energy is full, X.Borg re-equips the Armor and restore the Armor to 30% of his Max HP. X.Borg's fire damage causes enemies to warm up, and enemies with highest temperature will drop Firaga supplies when they take flame damage. Picking up a Firaga supply restores 10% of Armor HP, or 10 energy while in Armorless State.

X.Borg Skill Combo

Attack Mode Skill Combo (3 Skill Combo)

Skill 3

Last Insanity Skill icon

Last Insanity



Skill 2

Fire Stake Skill icon

Fire Stake



Skill 1

Fire Missiles Skill icon

Fire Missiles



Pros & Cons

X.Borg Advantages when learning and using in the game.

  1. Hight Durability.
  2. Has a large burst damage.
  3. Good hp regeneration ability.
  4. Strong play in early and late games.
  5. Good in Teamflight or solo lane.

X.Borg Disadvatages during the game.

  1. Lacks crowd control ability.
  2. Hard to lock one target.
  3. Must Always remember Timing.
  4. Quite difficult to play.
  5. Low mobility.

Story of X.Borg

Extraordinary Intelligence has the ability to lead the world into a new light or make some major changes for the worse. It's a priceless treasure, even when based on countless failures. For overwhelming technology, people are willing to sacrifice a great deal. Eruditio, located at the north-west of the Land of Dawn was the symbol of the highest intelligence. They made all that was impossible, possible. Glorious and honorable as it may be, rebellion and hostility [grow] in the back of it all.

Recently, a series of serial explosions became a headache for the Eruditio. All the clues and evidence pointed that the culprits were none other than their arch rival, the Magic Academy. For the safety and dignity of Eruditio, Bruno lead the Eruditio Rangers to ambush and arrest the criminal who was behind the bombings.

After a lot of searching, a shadow finally appeared under the moonlight, packing his fire-breathing armor and setting fire everywhere in the Eruditio. He slowly approached the High tower and Bruno saw the true face of the arsonist beneath his steel mask. It was him, X.Borg. This was the first time X.Borg confronted the Eruditio Rangers, head-on.

However, when they attempted to engage, X.Borg summoned a wave of flaming hot fire. Even after countless efforts, they couldn't cross the fire barrier in front of the hot flame spray. The Rangers tried multiple ways to get rid of the burning fire, but they still could do nothing and many were gravely injured in the process.

After having done his share of destruction, X.Borg fled the place and the Eruditio Rangers decided to go after him. But at the very moment of their departure, Dr. Rooney showed up and stopped them. Apologetic and full of regret, he unfolded a secret of the past.

There was once a peaceful and small town near Eruditio, named Sanhok. One day, a technological experiment was carried out in the town. Everything went on smoothly, until a final unexpected leakage, resulting in an explosion, terminated the fantasy. All the innocent townsfolk were devoured by the toxic gas that was emitted within an instant. No cries, no screams.

The explosion was horrible and fast enough to cover every living creature under the arms of death. Eruditio immediately sent out ambulances and emergency response teams to save the townsfolk. Unfortunately, only one young man, X.Borg had survived, with his body, severely injured. The scientists of Eruditio managed to remake his body, so that he could live on. However, X.Borg could never forget the scenes of everyone's helplessness and desperation during that period of hell.

Years later, he ran away from Erudltio. Finally coming back to his hometown, X.Borg found that the old houses of his forgotten town had been rebuilt into technology dump and the once beautiful village had gone forever. Feeling familiar and strange to this place, he gradually lost his temper, drifting back to his painful past.

X.Borg, when young, loved Eruditio and he had always looked up to the city since he was a child. It had always been his dream to work within such a complex city; a city with advanced technology and lots of magical creations, a city he believed would carry his longing for a better future. After a few years, for harnessing energy, the people of Eruditio decided to build a High tower in his small village. X.Borg became a mechanical builder of this tower and assisted in constructing it with enthusiasm. It was on one such occasion, while checking a pipeline, that misfortune lunged at him and his life changed forever. An accidental fuel leakage triggered from within the pipeline, knocking X.Borg down and destroying the whole of his hometown in the process.

Wandering at death's door, it was then that X.Borg was recognised [ sic ] to be the only survivor and was taken to Eruditio for treatment. He could never have thought that he would come to his dream city in this way. After experiencing various, extremely painful treatments and body modifications, he finally survived and became one of Eruditio's magical creations. His dream broken, leaving only memories filled with agony, all he could think about was destroying the technology of Eruditio.

Technology had changed X.Borg's life, but not the way he had imagined. Everything dear to him was now ruined. Anger flooded his mind. He hated those self-righteous scientists. So, he decided to invent powerful fire stakes and secretly deposited them within the laboratories of the Eruditio. X.Borg detonated these stakes personally in the High Tower. He felt a sense of relief washing over him, as he saw those scientists being burnt in red hot flames.

Although X.Borg continued to bring troubles for the Eruditio, he wasn't satisfied with what he had accomplished. Subsequently, he resided in the dump and putting his mechanical skills up to the task, making use of the unwanted scrap materials in there, he transformed his armour into an explosive fire-breathing battle machine and swore to burn Eruditio down to the ground. He could now deal massive damage to groups of enemies and burn them to cinders. X.Borg gave his explosive firaga art, the name- Last Insanity.

He, however, knew clearly that he himself would not be able to fight against the entire Eruditio. Therefore, he tried to create a conflict between Eruditio and the Magic Academy. Every time, Eruditio held a celebration or announced a new invention, X.Borg would be in the shadows, causing chaos. He held the belief that not every technological development was beneficial to the world. He would find his own methods to destroy Eruditio, once and for all. But before he was able to do that, he decided that he would need to destroy the core of the Eruditio - the Eruditio Rangers.

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