image wallpaper of mlbb hero Uranus
[S25-RON] - 2022

Uranus ML - Season 25 Rise of Necrokeep - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

On this page you will find answers to common questions like, What is the best build for Uranus? Who could counter this hero? What are the best possible combo? And best in game hero teammates for Uranus?

Date Updated: Aug 13, 2022 12:40 AM

image of mlbb hero Uranus


Hero Grade:
Scaling Power: normal
Mechanical Skill: easy
Early Game Power Middle Game Power Late Game Power
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate

Quick Note: One of Mobile Legend's greatest early-game heroes, Uranus has a very strong laning phase. Together with his second and passive talents, he has the ability to harass adversaries outside of your lane and simply trade health with them.

Last Update: 08-13-22 12:40 AM

Best Uranus Builds

Depending on your role or lane opponent, you can use a different Uranus build.

1: Uranus build for Hybrid Magic and Physical Def With Magic Power

1: Tough Boots 2: Dominance Ice 3: Enchanted Talisman 4: Oracle 5: Antique Cuirass 6: Ice Queen Wand

2: Uranus build for Solid Anti Burst

1: Warrior Boots 2: Dominance Ice 3: Enchanted Talisman 4: Oracle 5: Athena's Shield 6: Antique Cuirass

3: Uranus build for In and Out Team Fight

1: Tough Boots 2: Thunder Belt 3: Guardian Helmet 4: Oracle 5: Antique Cuirass 6: Athena's Shield

Item Weakness

Uranus can be countered by these items.

1: Dominance Ice 2: Necklace of Durance 3: Sea Halberd 4: Demon Hunter Sword


Depending on your playstyle, Uranus can utilize these spells. 1: Vengeance 2: Execute 3: Flicker 4: Sprint

Strong against

Uranus have skill and lane adavatages over these heroes. 1: Natalia 2: Sun 3: Irithel 4: Vexana 5: Odette

Toughest Matchups

Uranus can be countered or might have difficulty against these heroes. 1: Thamuz 2: Dyrroth 3: Esmeralda

Best Teammates

Uranus can perform better with these hero teammates. 1: Angela 2: Floryn

Uranus Skills

Radiance Skill icon Radiance


Uranus absorbs the energy generated by incoming attacks to strengthen himself, regenerating a certain amount of HP every 0.8s. Each stack lasts 10s. When at max stacks (20), Uranus regenerates 48-224 HP (scales with level).

Uranus Skill Combo

Attack Mode Skill Combo (4 Skill Combo)

Skill 2

Transcendent Ward Skill icon

Transcendent Ward



Skill 1

Ionic Edge Skill icon

Ionic Edge



Skill 3

Consecration Skill icon


BUFFSpeed Up


Skill 1

Ionic Edge Skill icon

Ionic Edge



Pros & Cons

Uranus Advantages when learning and using in the game.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Has an insane heal since early game to late game.
  3. Extremely tanky in late game, especially when using Oracle and Guardian Helmet
  4. Low skill cooldown in the late game.
  5. Can increase his movement speed, and heal using his ultimate.
  6. Overpowered if being used as offlaner (Take EXP Lane).
  7. Can spam his 1st skill, because of low cooldown.

Uranus Disadvatages during the game.

  1. Even though he is a tank, he has low base HP compared to other tanks.
  2. High mana cost on skills.

Story of Uranus

The Celestial Palace - Legend has it that the city floating above the skies of the Land of Dawn was once home to the Gods. It is also rumored that this mysterious place holds the key to ruling the world. Eons ago, the ruler of the Celestial Palace utilized the technological secret of the ancients to create Uranus , then commanded it to guard the city and await the emergence of a new ruler. When the scholars of the Land of Dawn found and opened the gates to the Celestial Palace, the battle between the Dawn Zenith and the Dark Abyss quickly spread throughout the realm, disrupting the solitude of the ancient city. The two forces sought to occupy the Celestial Palace as a symbol of victory, their heroes unleashing the full extent of their power and finally reaching an impasse. The massive influx of energy generated throughout the incessant battles eventually awakened the city's defense system, converting the released energy into pure lightning, fed into Uranus and reawakened after dormancy within the depths of the Celestial Palace. "Leave now, intruders!" he roared upon awakening, charging into the battlefield fueled by lightning, aether and ready to fulfill his destiny. His goal—to purge these savage intruders that had disturbed the tranquility of the Celestial Palace.

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