X.Borg's In-Game Stats, Details And Patch [Updated]

Authors: Ruthie and Marc Sumilang

This post aims to help players better understand X.Borg's expertise and in-game statistics and stay up-to-date with the latest patch adjustments that may affect this hero's performance in the game. This post will be helpful for players who want to improve their skills with X.Borg or those considering using this info in their gameplay.

Heads Up: Some information presented in this post is AI generated using actual in-game data from mobile legend's official website. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, and that data presented are entirely up-to-date and error-free. Please use this guide at your own discretion and consider any updates or changes to the game that may affect the information presented here.

Date Updated: Feb 16, 2024 6:00 AM

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X.Borg a-tier Mobile Legends Fighter Hero

X.Borg - Firaga Armor

Recent Patch:


Hero Tier:

Hero Tiers

Hero tiers/grades are determined by a combination of the hero's early power, mid power, late power, win rate, pick rate, and ban rate.



Specialties: Regen

Regen Role

Burst Damage Mixed Damage

Scaling Power: normal

Mechanical Skill: medium

Recommended Lane: Roam

Hero Stats - www.mlbbhero.com

Wave Clear: 6 / 10 Farm Clear: 6 / 10 Mobility: 6 / 10 Early Game Power: 4 / 10 Middle Game Power: 6 / 10 Late Game Power: 7 / 10
Mythical Glory Rank Badge in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Win Rate
Pick Rate
Ban Rate

Borg is a very promising hero in Mobile Legends thanks to its outstanding potential in team fights or solo lanes. You may perform X. either as an offlaner or sidelaner, borg. You may simply strike your opponent with a flaming tornado that can fly to your opponent, especially when your opponent is gathered.

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Last Update: 02-16-24 06:00 AM

Recent Patches

Patch 1.7.08


Patch Date: 2022-08-09

Roaming Natalia's been rising in presence across all levels of play. We're slightly reducing her base damage while significantly increasing her jungling abilities.

Passive - Assassin Instinct

Enhanced Basic Attack's Damage: 250 + 120% Physical Attack → 200 +130% Physical Attack

Skill 1 - Claw Dash

Base Damage: 210-285 → 185-260

New Effect: Natalia's Skill 1 now always enjoys the damage bonus from her Passive when attacking creeps.

Ultimate - The Hunt

Extra Physical Attack: 20-50 → 15-35

New Effect: Natalia stores up to 2 skill charges. The charging time is reduced by 100% on hero kills and 50% on creep kills.


What is X.Borg's current tier?

Rank A tier this latest patch.

Is X.Borg good in the early game?

No, X.Borg early game power is rated 4 over 10.

Is X.Borg good in the late game?

No, X.Borg's early game power is rated 7 over 10.

Is X.Borg easy to learn for beginners?

X.Borg's learning curve is considered medium for beginners.

X.Borg Mobile Legends Avatar
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