Mobile Legends Top 10 assassin heroes

Authors: Ruthie and Marc Sumilang

Date Updated: Mar 30, 2024 5:04 AM

Heads Up: Some information presented in this post is AI generated using actual in-game data from mobile legend's official website. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, and that data presented are entirely up-to-date and error-free. Please use this guide at your own discretion and consider any updates or changes to the game that may affect the information presented here.

What is a assassin?

An assassin is an agile hero that specializes in killing or disabling roaming targets picking them of as they try to replenish HP. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specializes in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later. Assassins are more suitable to be played by experienced players as they have low HP and high burst damage. They are ideal for taking out opponents easily, but are easier to be killed due to bad positioning and wrong timing.

Assassin is a type of role that has high burst damage, specializing in timing their attacks. This role has low durability but is agile in killing the main damage dealer of the enemy. They often wait in striking their attacks to avoid getting killed because their weakness is crowd control skills. It is recommended for most assassin heroes to have lifesteal or spell vamp to increase their sustainability during team fights.

The typical assets that they may have include:

  • Being nimble, low HP
  • Skillsets that allow them to chase enemies and have a good set of blink skills
  • Agile and quick

Top 10 assassin with highest Win rates
Hero Name Win Rate Tier Rank
Mathilda image


S+ 1
Joy image


S+ 2
Nolan image


S 3
Benedetta image


A+ 4
Yi Sun-shin image
Yi Sun-shin


A+ 5
Harley image


S 6
Aamon image


A+ 7
Alucard image


A 8
Natalia image


A+ 9
Helcurt image


A+ 10
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