Quick tips on how to play Gusion effectively

Quick tips on how to play Gusion effectively

Published May 12, 2023

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Gusion is an assassin hero who relies heavily on his skills to deal damage and eliminate enemies quickly. Familiarize yourself with his abilities and their effects, and learn how to use them in different situations.

Practice your combos

Gusion's skills can be used in various combinations, allowing for different effects and damage output. Practice your combos in practice mode or against AI opponents to get a feel for them and improve your execution.

Focus on farming early game

Gusion relies heavily on gold and experience to scale, so make sure to prioritize farming in the early game. Clear jungle camps and minion waves whenever possible, and avoid engaging in risky fights unless you have a clear advantage.

Look for opportunities to gank

Gusion excels at catching enemies off guard and taking them out quickly as an assassin. Look for opportunities to gank enemies who are out of position or have low health, and use your mobility to get in and out quickly.

Master your positioning

Gusion is a squishy hero, so positioning is critical to avoiding damage and staying alive. Stay on the outskirts of team fights and look for opportunities to dive in and out to deal damage and eliminate enemies.

Build the right items

Gusion's build can vary depending on the situation, but generally, you'll want to focus on things that increase his damage output and mobility. Some popular items for Gusion include Calamity Reaper, Feather of Heaven, and Blade of Despair.

Remember, the key to playing Gusion effectively is practice and experience. Keep practicing and refining your skills; you'll be a master Gusion player quickly!

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