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MLBB Patch Notes 1.7.94 Note

From The Designers Our two new systems "Revamped Emblems" and "Battle Setup" are available to all players in this patch. We hope that these changes are easy to learn while making the gameplay much more fun. Common Magic Emblem and Custom Jungle Emblem will be removed and all resources invested will be 100% returned. Related fragments will be converted into Magic Dust. The Pro Setups in Battle Setup are hero setups recommended by well-known pro players. You can tap to copy their recommended setups without having to learn about Revamped Emblems. Check out more details in the Revamped Emblems part in Battlefield Adjustments and New Functions & Events. In addition, to fit the Adaptive Attributes of the Revamped Emblems, we simplified the Lifesteal Attributes and adjusted related heroes and equipment. There are now only Lifesteal and Spell Vamp.

Release Date: 2023-06-26


As a dexterous assassin, Harley needs more mobility and smoother skill combos. Therefore, we made it easier for him to trick enemies with Skill 2 and optimized the skill combo where he could only use Basic Attacks after Skill 1. Also, we added an HP loss preview for his Ultimate so that both sides can gauge how to best act. Finally, we tuned down his early and mid-game damage to balance out the Basic Attack changes.


Odette has the most powerful AOE Damage in-game, but the skill can be easily interrupted, leaving her with nothing else to do. Therefore, we're giving her better resistance and expanding the cast range of her Basic Attack slightly to counter other Mages. Also, she can no longer Blink or slow enemies with her Utimate, allowing them to counter it by fleeing instead of interrupting the casting.


We're hoping to improve Gord's sustainability and casting experience, while slightly lowering his Ultimate's damage to balance it out.


We're hoping to improve Valir's sustainability and late-game lane clearing abilities, while slightly increasing his Skill 1's CD to balance it out.


Thanks to his Ultimate's long cast range, Aamon can kill squishy heroes in the mid and late game from a safe distance. We're reducing the skill range to expose him to more risks.


We have adjusted her enhanced Basic Attack for new build options. Minor boost to her skill damage, giving her more incentive to buy damage equipment.


As a classic Jungler, Lancelot should take more risks for higher gain, not roam among enemies as a Tank. We're adjusting his main damage dealing skill so that an Attack build can deal more damage for higher gain.


The steady control from Franco's Passive Speed-Up + Ficker + Ultimate is replacing his Iron Hook. We want to keep this combo but reduce its use.


It has become harder to counter Badang after the equipment and knockback changes, so we're limiting his control abilities.


To match the Lifesteal changes, we're enhancing her Lifesteal and making her stronger in the EXP Lane.


We're making adjustments to match the Lifesteal changes. Basic Attack-> Lifesteal Ratio: 80% >> 100%

Malefic Roar

Now ignores fixed penetration, the effects remain the same against enemies with 200 Physical Defense. Physical Penetration: 35% >> 20% Penetration Increase per Defense: 0.05% >> 0.125% Max Penetration Increase: 20% >> 40%

Divine Glaive

Magic Power: 65 >> 60 Magic Penetration: 35% > > 40%

Endless Battle

10% Physical Lifesteal >> 8% Hybrid Lifesteal

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