Freya s-tier Mobile Legends Fighter Hero

Freya Synergies to other Mobile Legends Heroes

Authors: Ruthie and Marc Sumilang

This page is dedicated to exploring the synergies between Freya and other heroes in Mobile Legends.

While banning certain heroes and prioritizing others can be a factor in increasing your chances of winning in Mobile Legends, it is not the only determining factor. There are many other important elements to consider, such as team composition, player skill, and game strategy.

Banning heroes can be a useful tool for removing strong opponents from the enemy team, but it is not always necessary. It depends on the specific match, the skill level of the players, and the strategies of both teams.

Having a good team composition with a balance of damage dealers, tanks, and support heroes is also important for success in Mobile Legends. However, even with a well-rounded team, the ability of individual players to execute their roles effectively, as well as their understanding of the game and its mechanics, can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

Ultimately, winning in Mobile Legends requires a combination of many factors, including teamwork, strategy, and player skill. Banning heroes and prioritizing others can be useful, but it should be considered in the context of a larger and more comprehensive game plan.

Date Updated: Mar 30, 2024 5:04 AM

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Strong against

This hero have skill and lane advantages over these heroes. 1: Irithel 2: Alpha 3: Zilong 4: Sun 5: Odette

Toughest Match-Ups

But this hero can be countered or might have difficulty against these heroes. 1: Chou 2: Franco 3: Moskov 4: Esmeralda 5: Kagura

Best Teammates

For a higher chance of winning, this hero can perform better with these heroes as teammates. 1: Tigreal 2: Atlas 3: Angela 4: Floryn


Who is the most vulnerable against Freya?

Irithel, Alpha , Zilong, Sun, Odette have skill and lane advantages over these heroes.

Who is the best counter for Freya?

Chou, Franco, Moskov, Esmeralda, Kagura can be counter Freya.

Who is the best teammates for Freya to played with?

Freya can perform better team-up with these heroes: Tigreal, Atlas, Angela, Floryn

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