Baxia s-tier Mobile Legends Tank Hero

Baxia's Best Build and In-Game Strengths and Weaknesses

Authors: Meruem Gaming and Marc Sumilang

This post is dedicated to Baxia's recommended best builds, emblems and in-game advantages and disadvantages.

Baxia - Mystic Tortoise is rated as a tier S hero as of the current patch.

One of the most well-liked tank characters in Mobile Legends is Baxia, who is constantly available against foes who have significant lifesteal and HP effects. This hero's skill does not deteriorate. He requires his teammates to work well together in order to generate a positive energy.

When it comes to choosing items builds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are several factors to consider, including play-style, team composition, and the enemy team's strengths and weaknesses. A well-constructed build can greatly enhance a hero's abilities and increase their overall effectiveness in the game. In addition to items, emblems also play a crucial role in boosting a hero's stats and providing additional bonuses.

So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this page is the perfect resource for improving your skills and understanding of this hero.

Date Updated: Mar 23, 2023 3:12 PM

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Recommended Best Builds

Build 1: Jungle Core Build Top 1 Global Baxia

Tough Boots, Cursed Helmet, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, Immortality, Thunder Belt, Radiant Armor, Twilight Armor

Build 2: Full Tank High HP Magic and Physical Defense

Warrior Boots, Cursed Helmet, Immortality, Blade Armor, Guardian Helmet, Radiant Armor, Twilight Armor

Build 3: Solid Tank and Decent Damage Per Second (DPS)

Warrior Boots, Glowing Wand, Guardian Helmet, Cursed Helmet, Antique Cuirass , Athena's Shield

This hero can be countered by these items.

Demon Hunter Sword, Malefic Roar, Radiant Armor, Athena's Shield

The main item weakness of tanky heroes in Mobile Legends is that they are susceptible to items that have percentage-based health reduction effects, such as Necklace of Durance, Sea Halberd, and Deadly Blade. These items can greatly reduce the effectiveness of a tanky hero's high health pool by reducing their regeneration and healing abilities, making them more vulnerable to sustained damage. Additionally, tanky heroes can also be countered by items that deal percentage-based damage, such as Blade of Despair and Malefic Roar, which can bypass their high armor and deal significant damage. To counter these weaknesses, tanky heroes should consider building items that provide additional health regeneration and resistances, such as Oracle and Antique Cuirass, to increase their durability and sustain in fights.


Depending on your play-style, you can use one of these spells. 1: Retribution 2: Vengeance 3: Execute 4: Sprint

Recommended Emblems

Demon Slayer - Jungle Emblem
Demon Slayer - Jungle Emblem
Durability - Tank Emblem
Durability - Tank Emblem
Extra Magic Damage - Tank Emblem
Extra Magic Damage - Tank Emblem

In-Game Advantages

High durability and defense, making him a great tank hero. Can deal AoE damage to enemies and slow them down. Passive ability allows him to regenerate health over time. Can provide crowd control for his team with his ultimate ability. Has a high mobility skill that can be used to initiate or escape fights.

In-Game Disadvantages

  • Can be countered by heroes with percentage health damage or true damage.
  • Abilities have long cooldowns, requiring good timing and positioning to use effectively.
  • Lacks burst damage potential and relies on sustained damage over time.
  • Low damage output compared to other tank heroes.
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